250 300 EN 2

We have all heard about TM motorcycles, exotic, beautiful, handmade, factory works bike, tiny Italian factory,ect…
Most of us have never seen one except for pictures including us.
Guess what? Knox Enduro is now a dealer for TM Racing and you can now find them in Knoxville Tennessee!
The bikes are everything they are reported to be, plus some. They look exotic, they are very light, and have a lot of hand machined billet parts. Tm features KYB SSS forks which most experts say are the best forks you can get, hands down. If that is not enough, TM makes their own rear shock that is a work of art and works really well also. The engines have massive power, but are very linear thanks to the electronically controlled power valve.
The first 300EN we got in was gone in five days and we already have deposits for two more. If TM does not have the bike in stock in California, then we can call the factory in Italy and order whatever we want with a 10 day build time.
TM gives us a much broader range starting with 85CC, 100CC Motocross bikes going all the way up to 530MX. 125,144,250,300,450,530 Enduro and SuperMoto are available and even a Flat Track race bike.
After many years of TM being not much more than a myth, we believe TM Racing’s time is here!