Finished 189cc Bike Our main focus has been and always will be the beautiful Italian Beta Enduro trail and race bikes, but we also have the desire to put everyone on a dirt bike that wants to have a go.

Enter SSR Motorsports, known for their great racing pit bikes back when that was big, now under new leadership, they are looking to go more mainstream and compete with the Japanese. Mel Harris, former Suzuki North America President, is now running SSR and he has big plans to take them big.

Right out of the gate they have released these really cool mid sized bikes, the SR150 and SR189. They are well designed and built, both have full disc brakes, and the SR189 features fully adjustable suspension front and rear. We have been test tiding these, and they are a blast! Great low cost bike that really works well at an entry level price.

We will have parts and service for SSR also. Whole lot of bike for the money, SR150 MSRP $1899, SR189 MSRP $2199.

SSR has a full range from 50cc all the way to 450cc, check them out at ssrmotorsports .com Finished 150cc bike