Another Win For Beta

Beverly Pugh

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Nick Burson wins round two of the “National Hare and Hound” series.

Beta riders Justin Morrow and Axle Pearson were fourth and fifth as well, all riding Beta 498 4 strokes.

Beta WINS “King of Motos”

Beverly Pugh

Beta factory rider Cody Webb proved that his win last year at the King of Motos was no fluke. The California native and former Mototrial Champion made quick work of the other racers to take the race win with more than two minutes to spare.

The event is the brainchild of off road guru Jimmy Lewis. The race format was changed for 2014 to have riders take place in a two-lap format with the two lap times being combined. Webb was in second after the first race and had to make up a 70 second deficit in the second race to take the win. Webb rode a specially prepared Beta 300 RR.

“I had a target on my back going into this year’s King of Motos after nabbing the win last year. I have been physically preparing for this race as much as possible and it paid off huge for me! I would’ve like to spend more time on the bike pre running, but my time was limited. With trials basically embedded in my blood it worked out in my favor during the extreme race. The course had some very difficult parts this year and my bike handled perfectly all day and I had a blast. This was a great way to start off the 2014 season following my late success I had in the Endurocross series in 2013. I’m excited to get back at it and tackle what comes next.” Webb explains.

Webb’s next event is in Italy for the nasty Hell’s Gate extreme Enduro on February 15th.
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Picture of Cody Webb (Scott Hoffman photo)




Good example of the attention to detail of the Italian bella!


The Start of Knox Enduro



The start of Knox Enduro last summer! The first bike in was this 2013 2500RR. The demand for Beta’s first two strokes was so great this bike came from an extra batch that they manufactured and flew over. It was an amazing sight to see the beauty come to life as it was uncrated.