250RR Race Edition

Beverly Pugh

We have this beautiful 250 Race Edition in stock. With all the hype about 300′s, 250′s tend to be overlooked. This 250 is more flickable than a 300, less vibration, and a very linear powerband.
Like all Beta Race Editions, it features the red Marzocchi forks that Alan Stillwell and Ty Davis both say are as close to a “Works” fork as you can get. Seldom need any re-valving, usually just dial in the PFP yourself. Not only looks like a “Works” bike, rides like one too!

AJP Build Quality

Beverly Pugh

IMG_8475Pictures don’t do these bikes justice. First glance reveals a very well put together machine with quality fasteners and lots of innovation. With the perception that this is a low cost entry level bike, you would expect to give up a lot and see compromises, but instead you see great components and craftsmanship.
In my opinion, someday all bikes will be built like this with the fuel tank below the seat and the air box where the tank used to be. Not only does it lower CG, air filter stays clean and also keeps the bike slim making it very easy to slide all the way forward on the bike. Ride report coming soon, after initial testing, I will go ahead and say this bike works extremely well.

MotoZ Mountain Hybrid on the way

Beverly Pugh


Knox Enduro is now a dealer for MotoZ tires. We were very intrigued about the Mountain Hybrid tire that blends a trials tire with a knobby. Many of us have had good success with trials tires, but there are times when they have limitations. Maybe these new tires will be the trick! Just got word today(12-19-14) that tires are coming our way. Also ordered a couple of Terrapactor fronts to give a try.

Factory Reconditioned 2014 Beta 300RR Coming

Beverly Pugh


We have this 2014 300RR coming, was a magazine test bike. New from top to bottom, piston, cylinder, crank, chain sprockets, tires, Race Edition plastic and seat. Billet foot pegs, axle blocks, and axle pull, plus more. Comes with the standard six month warranty. Just like a new bike but at a discounted price. $6800.00

Knox Enduro Race Bikes

Beverly Pugh


We have had a pretty successful first year racing with riders Ty Starr and David Scraggs. We will do a recap soon, but for now enjoy this picture at the recent SETRA Hare Scramble. We had these graphics done for the Tennessee Knockout Enduro, I believe they will be the official Knox Enduro Graphics!

New X Trainer From Beta!

Beverly Pugh


Beta has just introduced the X Trainer, a new concept in off road bikes. Smaller, lighter, more compact frame with a lower seat height than the standard RR powered by a detuned 300 2 stroke from the race tested RR. It has the same low end power as well as the same peak power, but no hit in the middle providing smooth linear power.
With a consumer friendly price of $6999.00, it is targeted at new riders, casual trail riders, as well as the “vertically challenged.” Experienced riders will also want an X Trainer for playing and practicing in the more extreme conditions as it will have characteristics similar to the Beta trials bikes.
Beta will go in production in February, with the first bikes arriving in March.
Knox Enduro has a demo on order and we will be offering test rides!

New Beta 125RS Four Stroke

Beverly Pugh


Coming this spring is this cool little 125RS. Street legal, woods capable. Full size frame and wheels, 125cc 4t motor, same as the on used in Yamaha’s TTR125.
This bike would be great for a kid for riding in the woods or get their first license to ride on the street. May be perfect as a “wifes bike” or even something to hang on the back of the RV for transportation while on vacation.
Price target is in the $3999.00 range, very affordable for the quality Beta puts into their bikes.

The Bike Everyone Wants To Borrow…

Beverly Pugh

Preston Teague and his Beta 520, everyone loves to take it for a spin and they don’t want to give it back! Plush suspension, but it is all about the motor, gobs of torque no matter what gear you are in, but never tries to pull your arms out of socket. Sometimes hard to tell what gear you are in because it pulls so smooth no matter what gear it is.
Preston has had it on a Dual Sport, but also in very tight technical woods and it works great both places. He says it is the first bike he has ever had that he was so satisfied that he has not even day dreamed about owning another bike, and that is saying something!

Nick Odeneal’s New Ride

Beverly Pugh


At times I thought I would keep my Husqvarna 125 forever. Really cool bike and last of the Italian Husky’s. However, last week this kid Nick comes flying past me in the woods on a CR85 and he later inquired about my 125. Seeing that the bike would make a perfect transition bike for him, I agreed to sell, always happy to help out young kids grow in the sport.
Take good care of it Nick, I may want it back someday when you come back for your first Beta…

AJP coming to Knox Enduro!

Beverly Pugh


Never heard of AJP?
You have now, they are hand built Enduro/trail bikes designed and built in Portugal by many time Enduro champion Antonio Pinto.
Whether you are just looking for a fun trail bike or one that will go where there is no trail, the AJP’s will do the job and at a lower price point than we are accustomed to.
AJP combines new innovative frame design and quality components with rugged tractor like 4 stroke power making them fun and easy to ride. Short wheel bases make great handling in the tightest conditions. One cool feature is fuel tank under the seat for lower center of gravity, and the airbox is where a conventional fuel tank would be making it possible to pass through some deep water.

Flagship model is the PR5, liquid cooled 250cc 4 stroke with EFI and fully adjustable Sachs suspension: $5999.00

The workhorse is the PR4 featuring and old school 240cc aircooled 4 stroke, short wheelbase, low seat height, and fully adjustable Marzocchi forks. Ever wish you could get a modern Honda XR250, this is it! $4999.00

Entry level bike is the PR3, pretty much the same as the PR4 but with smaller wheels and a 33″seat height making this bike perfect for small teens or wife or girl friend. $4799.00

I will be posting more info and pictures soon.