We are a small start up dealer focusing on Beta Enduro motorcycles driven by a passion for hard core woods riding.

Coming from a background in powerboat racing and race boat manufacturing, started building and racing powerboats at age 13, small niche operation, custom order, sending boats all over the US and also Japan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, great Britain, Poland, and Abu Dhabi.

While racing, accumulated many National Championships and was crowned the 2002 Formula 2 World champion.  Also raced England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Cuba.  Retired from racing boats in 2008.

Started riding off road motorcycles in 2001 for stress relief and cross training for boat racing.  Started with a Kawasaki KLX250, then to a KTM 250XCW,  got tired of seeing so many orange bikes, so I switched to Husqvarna in 2009.

With KTM’s buy out of Husqvarna this year,  and my love of Italian bikes, a chance meeting with Beta’s national sales rep at a trials event I was competing in led me to start up Knox Enduro!

What we lack in experience, we will make up for in passion for the bikes and the sport.  We will be fast learners and intend on building up Knox Enduro and Beta by passion, hard work, and integrity, the same way we became one of the most respected race boat builders in the world.