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We Now Have TM!

Beverly Pugh

250 300 EN 2

We have all heard about TM motorcycles, exotic, beautiful, handmade, factory works bike, tiny Italian factory,ect…
Most of us have never seen one except for pictures including us.
Guess what? Knox Enduro is now a dealer for TM Racing and you can now find them in Knoxville Tennessee!
The bikes are everything they are reported to be, plus some. They look exotic, they are very light, and have a lot of hand machined billet parts. Tm features KYB SSS forks which most experts say are the best forks you can get, hands down. If that is not enough, TM makes their own rear shock that is a work of art and works really well also. The engines have massive power, but are very linear thanks to the electronically controlled power valve.
The first 300EN we got in was gone in five days and we already have deposits for two more. If TM does not have the bike in stock in California, then we can call the factory in Italy and order whatever we want with a 10 day build time.
TM gives us a much broader range starting with 85CC, 100CC Motocross bikes going all the way up to 530MX. 125,144,250,300,450,530 Enduro and SuperMoto are available and even a Flat Track race bike.
After many years of TM being not much more than a myth, we believe TM Racing’s time is here!

2016 Beta 300RR Race Edition

Beverly Pugh


We have in stock this 2016 300RR Race Edition. Biggest change are the Sachs Twin Chamber forks. Sachs is the largest hydraulic suspension company in the world and while not well known in the dirt bike world, they have massive resources to develop the best suspension. A lot of computerized data acquisition has gone into the development of these forks so we are looking forward to the results. Sachs components have already proven to be very good quality when it comes to wear and durability.
Also new for 2016 is race valving in the rear shock to go along with the usual list of race graphics and anodized bling.
Beta 300 X-Trainer and 300RR Standard here very soon, they don’t usually stay around long.
Also have one 2015 350RR left,$8399.00

New Shinko “Hybrid Cheater” Tire

Beverly Pugh


Shinko just released this new hybrid tire that combines the softness of a trials tire with a knobby. The knobs are more robust and closer together than a true knobby, but not as close together as a trials. Should strike a good balance of soft compound and footprint to get over rocks and roots, but still dig through mud and corner and brake well.
We will be testing this tire on our Beta 350RR very soon.

SSR Motorsports Now At Knox Enduro

Beverly Pugh

Finished 189cc Bike Our main focus has been and always will be the beautiful Italian Beta Enduro trail and race bikes, but we also have the desire to put everyone on a dirt bike that wants to have a go.

Enter SSR Motorsports, known for their great racing pit bikes back when that was big, now under new leadership, they are looking to go more mainstream and compete with the Japanese. Mel Harris, former Suzuki North America President, is now running SSR and he has big plans to take them big.

Right out of the gate they have released these really cool mid sized bikes, the SR150 and SR189. They are well designed and built, both have full disc brakes, and the SR189 features fully adjustable suspension front and rear. We have been test tiding these, and they are a blast! Great low cost bike that really works well at an entry level price.

We will have parts and service for SSR also. Whole lot of bike for the money, SR150 MSRP $1899, SR189 MSRP $2199.

SSR has a full range from 50cc all the way to 450cc, check them out at ssrmotorsports .com Finished 150cc bike

2015 Beta 350RR EFI Special Buy $8475

Beverly Pugh

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.12.26 PM
We took advantage of a summer sale at Beta USA and picked up four leftover 2015 350RR’s at a good price. These are the fuel Injected bikes using the Synerject system and I can tell you they run very well. None of the on-off type jerkiness found at low speed on other EFI bikes. The Beta 350 EFI bikes are smooth as butter in the lower range and rip when you twist.
We also have the Beta diagnostic tool that allows us to reprogram with the major feature being changing the amount of engine braking.
We have already sold two, have two left at $8475.
X-Trainer is long gone, have another on the way due in late October.
First ’16 300RR is already gone, but have two more on the way as well as a ’16 300 Race Edition on order.
Check us out!

Beta 300 X-trainer Arrives!

Beverly Pugh

And it is pretty impressive! First thing we noticed was it is very light. Picking the bike up, or pushing it around feels like a mountain bike with a motor on it. Smaller frame and lower seat height is making a lot of guys and girls happy. Suspension is soft and feels very balanced front to rear. Engine is said to be tuned for smooth linear power with no unmanageable hit.
I believe Beta has filled a long over due hole in the market and these bikes will be very popular.
This one is available for now, price is $6999.00, FYI the 2016′s are going up $300.

Knox Enduro gets National Enduro Win!

Beverly Pugh

Knox Enduro rider Ty Starr wins A Open on his Beta 300RR at the Rad Dad National Enduro! Rain fell heavily the night before making it very slick which let Ty use his technical skills to his advantage. He was 28th overall landing him as the highest placed amateur rider for Beta.
Look at the picture carefully and you will see Ty is making a heart sign with his hands which tells me he loves his Beta!

Beta 300 X-Trainers Coming

Beverly Pugh

Beta 300 Cross Trainers coming to Knox Enduro late May, we have one unspoken for, call us if you are interested.
I think these are going to be great bikes, small, nimble, light weight, and what should be a very linear power band for a 2 stroke. Will be a game changer.

Knox Enduro Carbon Fiber

Beverly Pugh

We have been putting our race boat building experience to good use, and have been tooling up some carbon fiber pipe guards for Beta and KTM bikes. The CF guards currently on the market may look good, but are somewhat sub par consisting mostly of fiberglass. Our guards are a minimum 5 layers of aerospace grade carbon fiber and hand layed in a compression mold making them light and strong. To start with we have guards for Beta 250-300, ’11-14 KTM 250-300, and a few bits for Italian Husqvarna TC250-310.
Look for more CF pieces from us in the future.

2014 Beta 400RR Special Buy

Beverly Pugh

We just got in this left over 2014 Beta 400RR brand new at a special price, $7999.00, includes standard 6 month warranty.
Thats $1,000 cheaper than MSRP and $1200 cheaper than a 2015 390. Lot of 350 fever, but the 400 size has always been one of the best trail bikes ever dating back to the old Honda XR’s and continuing to the RFS KTM’s. The 400RR is more refined than any of those, and this will make one heck of a trail bike and or a Dual Sport. Comes with all the equipment necessary, and it has not been a problem getting a tag for any of the Betas, even 2 strokes!