Never heard of AJP?
You have now, they are hand built Enduro/trail bikes designed and built in Portugal by many time Enduro champion Antonio Pinto.
Whether you are just looking for a fun trail bike or one that will go where there is no trail, the AJP’s will do the job and at a lower price point than we are accustomed to.
AJP combines new innovative frame design and quality components with rugged tractor like 4 stroke power making them fun and easy to ride. Short wheel bases make great handling in the tightest conditions. One cool feature is fuel tank under the seat for lower center of gravity, and the airbox is where a conventional fuel tank would be making it possible to pass through some deep water.

Flagship model is the PR5, liquid cooled 250cc 4 stroke with EFI and fully adjustable Sachs suspension: $5999.00

The workhorse is the PR4 featuring and old school 240cc aircooled 4 stroke, short wheelbase, low seat height, and fully adjustable Marzocchi forks. Ever wish you could get a modern Honda XR250, this is it! $4999.00

Entry level bike is the PR3, pretty much the same as the PR4 but with smaller wheels and a 33″seat height making this bike perfect for small teens or wife or girl friend. $4799.00

I will be posting more info and pictures soon.