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Betas are multiplying in the East Tennessee area! Meet Preston Teague, a KTM rider from the Volunteer Riders Club, he was riding a KTM 300 and decided it was a little too much, he then tried a KTM 200, and found it not to be enough. Thinking  he wanted to go back to a four stroke, Preston then tried a new KTM 350, and although he said it was nice, the power delivery was not what he was expecting. Enter Scott Cox who recently got a Beta 520, Preston took a ride on it and immediately fell in love with it, smooth monster power but light and flickable handling.  Preston knowing that him and his wife would soon be breaking ground on a new house decided now was not the time to buy a new bike, but he was able to find a good deal on a 2010 Beta 520 in Chattanooga with only 127 miles on it! After getting some riding time on it, he has declared it to be by far the best bike he has ever ridden and worth every penny. On a recent Vol Rider event at Royal Blue, Preston let Patrick Klepper ride it, and Patrick liking it so much did not want to give it back but eventually Preston got it back! ( I know the feeling!…)    Russ Townsend also took it for a spin and quickly realized that he needs a new bike also! I jumped on it for awhile, and my biggest impression was it did not matter what gear you were in, first or fifth, the big thumper pulled smoothly never ripping the handle bars from your hands.  I think it needs a display on the bars to indicate what gear you are in, because you sure can’t tell by the way the engine pulls! So a year ago we had no Beta Enduro motorcycles in the area, we now have five  with a couple more on order!