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Knox Enduro just got in this beautiful 350RR Factory Edition, it has more bling and cool features to even list!

More importantly are some rather significant changes that will propel these new 4 strokes to the limelight like their Beta 2 stroke cousins.  Engine is an all new design, lighter, stronger, and less reciprocating mass for even better handling.  Lighter crankshaft, new piston featuring Formula 1 technology, new head design as well as new camshaft profiles.   All this delivers more power down low all the way to the top end.

Bike comes standard with FMF Power Bomb header and Q4 silencer, to go along with dual map ignition including handle bar switch.

Red Marzochi forks from the Race Editions are featured, along with Supersprox Ironman sprocket, front axle pull, list goes on and on, you just have to see it for yourself!