Info on the new 2015 Beta Enduro’s have been announced, and it looks like a lot of revisions to the 4 stroke line to put them at the fore front of of the market.  All four stroke engines have been lightened both in the cases and reciprocating weight.  The objective being to make the bikes better handling and more effective.  They have also lowered the displacement in several class sizes, a 390RR, 430RR, and a 480RR.   Beta’s always have very smooth power and I am sure this is a move to make the bikes even smoother and manageable in tricky conditions.

The 350RR remains the same displacement, but the big news is EFI, beta’s have traditionally carbureted, which has not been a problem as Beta designers have been great at jetting there bikes.

Two strokes get only small changes, the 300 gets a redesigned combustion chamber, the 250 gets the same powervalve arrangement as the 300 which should make it much smoother.

Both ranges get improved design and valving in the suspension, Beta has been working closely with Sachs to make the suspension work better each year.

Another change is softer seat foam on all models, that has been one of the few comments people have made about the bikes, they say the seat is too hard!  Maybe american riders sit down too much!

During my short time with Beta, it is apparent they are quick to make changes based on customer and dealer input.

For more detailed info, visit the Beta USA website.Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 5.00.32 PM